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TOTAL PACKAGE BASKETBALL was established in 2000 by Craig and Megan Murray to provide opportunities for young people to learn to play the game of basketball at their highest level.



Total Package is dedicated to providing athletes with the opportunity to work hard with disciplined instruction. We focus on basic fundamental drills and progress into high intensity game-like drills.  We strive to prepare our athletes for the next level of competition. Total Package is dedicated to training the committed athlete so that they are achieving their highest level of skill possible. This takes great discipline and consistency from the athlete. The Total Package Program provides a place for athletes to receive complete basketball instruction.


Total Package basketball players and coaches strive to be disciplined and work hard during workouts, practices and games.  Players need to be ready to give their best effort every time on the court.  They need to be on time and be ready to play when scheduled.

There are up to 12 workout sessions offered in any one month. It is your obligation to attend all workouts that you pay for in that given month. If an athlete has to miss a workout, please call one of the coaches as soon as you know. We schedule gym time and plan workouts based on the amount of athletes that will be attending each session. We appreciate your phone call to let us know if you will not be making it to a workout.

Once an athlete signs up for a workout schedule for that month, the athlete holds to that workout schedule. We try to work with scheduling the best we can, but due to gym time and the amount of players scheduled, it is only fair that you commit yourself to what you have signed up for on the schedule.


"Tuh’Nechee and I could not thank this organization enough!!! There are no words that express the respect and love we have for Craig, Megan, and their organization. You guys deserve everything your hearts desire; as you have continuously given back to this community. All the best on your future endeavors! Y’all will be missed, as Total Package will always be something to brag about."   -  Christa Updegraff - Parent

"You two are amazing and made such a great impact on the youth in the area. I was so fortunate to be a part of your program. You will truly be missed. Best wishes to you and your fam in AZ. Nothing but love and support." Nikki Martin


"Thanks coach Murray for helping instill a desire and passion for the game and more importantly the process of getting better. It has carried me on to achieve things I never dreamed of albeit in the Javelin. Thanks again!" Ryan Young


"Thank you for your years of commitment and dedication developing the players in our area!!! You will be missed! Great things are ahead of you and we wish you all the best!!" Kari Yaegle Driskell

NON PROFIT INFO - Total Package is a program of WSBYA

In accordance with Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), WSBYA is recognized as a non-profit organization as described in Section 509(a)(2). Donors may deduct contributions to WSYBA as provided in Section 170 of the Code. WSBYA’s taxpayer identification number is 46-0481857.  

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